In light of all the recent media attention (Daily Mail, 9 News Australia, Irish Independent) we have received from our article about visiting the frontline in Iraq, we have decided to try and use some of that attention for good.

We have 48 hours to raise funds to buy some essential supplies in shortage here in the refugee camps for those fleeing their homes from the fight against ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. It is breaking our hearts to see what is happening. Please go here and donate even the price of a coffee!

We will be driving to one migrant camp just outside of Erbil, Iraq using a hands on approach to deliver vital supplies to the people who are living there. We will spend your donations on tents, sleeping bags, winter / waterproof clothing, hygiene items, children’s toys/education supplies and other items that are badly needed at the camp. Winter has now arrived in Iraq, and the conditions will only worsen due to increasingly bad weather conditions.

All funds raised here will go directly towards only supplies for the people living in the refugee camp. We will personally be withdrawing the money to purchase supplies, and distributing them ourselves – making sure the process is as transparent as possible.

Donate here.