Travelling to Iran is something dreams are made of. The location is becoming more and more well known to wanderers around the world who desire a more off the beaten track experience and don’t believe everything they hear in the media. It’s cheap, colourful, hospitable and you are guaranteed to be blown away by the history and the architecture. However, there are some downside, although very few.

One of these being that you simply can’t use ATM’s anywhere. As they are no longer banking with the rest of the world, you will only be able to get money from ATM’s if you have a local bank card, which of course you won’t get one and can’t get one! This causes problems for a number of reasons. A lot of people exchange into local currency before arriving, get screwed on rates and end up having a lot less than they realised. Some people get robbed or lose their money and have no back up to go to! This results in people having to cut their time short.

Sorted! Phew.
Sorted! Phew.

Now if no other backpackers or travellers can help you out, most likely they have their own budget to watch, it is not the end of the world. We have a guy who really sorted us out in an exchange centre and will likely help you too. If you are stuck, need cash while still in Terhan, drop us a line here and we will put you in touch with our guy on the ground! The rates are more than perfect (above Google Rates) but you will need to pay him a commission of €50 so the more you take out the better this works for you.

He sorted us with cash there and then. It works a lot handier if you have PayPal with your card linked to it! He’ll use a VPN to let you make the transfer and you will need your passport with you!

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