I really hope you don’t have scabies. They are worse than bedbugs and can be very tricky to get rid of. They itch, burn and can be nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Often the only way to know is by getting a doctor to look and even then, they don’t always get it right. If you search online, patients report misdiagnosis regularly. The feeling of being infested is nasty but rest assured there is only ever a few on you body at any time. Scabies are very popular in developing countries. They are small mites that burrow under and live under the skin. They need you to survive to they really do make themselves at home. Infestations can happen six weeks before first symptoms of red blotches on your skin will appear. The itch is generally worse at night when you are warm in your bed and trying to sleep. Scabies can’t live away from the human body for more than 72 hours.

If you do have them, there is a solution that you can deploy. There are suggestions around of natural remedied but I’ve used the below to great effect. Please see a doctor for professional advice, this is simply a popular solution that worked for me and I was eager to rid myself of them before I got home and spread them elsewhere.

1 – Permethrin 5%.

This is a cream you rub all over your body. I mean everywhere, don’t miss a single inch. You start at the hairline and work your way to the soles of your feet. A week later, you repeat the process incase any eggs hatched in the meantime. You’ll do it at night and go to bed with the cream on. More often than not, you need to go to a doctor to get prescribed this but that all depends on the country you are in.

2 – Sulphur Cream

Not every country will have Permethrin 5% or maybe it didn’t work, then this seems to be the next best thing. You apply it all over the body for three nights in a row. So get used to lubing your body up in a hostel toilet somewhere. You put it on before bed, get into bed with it and then shower off the next evening before applying it again.

Hopefully, it works for you or you may have something entirely different. Again, I’m not a medical professional and you should talk to one first but I found this to work.