This is something I get asked a lot. “Should I bother getting some at all?”, “Is it worth it?” and “What if I don’t use it?”. The short answer is that you really do need travel insurance. Some countries actually insist you show that you have it before they give you your tourist visa so better safe than sorry. It’s the boring part of preparing for your holiday. Sure, getting all the flights booked up and picking some delicious places to stay is exciting but insurance is dreadfully irritating. I’m not going to endorse any provider as there are many bloggers out there you’ll find will back various people. Before you jump onto comparison sites and asking your social media channels for the best providers, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Get insurance that covers you for general admission to hospital
  • Only insure items that you can’t afford to lose. If you use your laptop to work while travelling, it’s a good idea to insure it
  • What does it include: trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical, lost luggage, evacuation…. Just get what you think you will need
  • Realistically, your age is going to affect your policy pricing but this is something you can’t avoid.
  • Make sure that your policy covers your for the countries you are going to. Worldwide may not always mean everywhere is covered.
  • Do your homework and shop around. There are so many providers and you can save money easy here if you take your time
  • Avid airlines, agents and tour operators. Go direct to the guys who have their own underwriters, they will be the cheapest and are less likely to be reselling other peoples packages
  • Be sensible about excess. This is essentially a fee that you get charged for them to process reimbursing you. so if your medical bills cost 800, they may take 150 of that as the fee (excess). So it makes no sense to start making a claim when your total costs are less than your excess value. Wait until you get home and see if any other costs pop up along the way.
  • Check to see what cover you currently have and see what it covers. You may not need any additional coverage at all so it is worth checking in case you double insure yourself
  • Make sure that you include risky activities in there. Believe it or not, things like horse riding and getting on a jet ski are deemed risky whether you like it or not
  • If you are making several trips in a year, an annual policy might suit you better and work out cheaper than getting insurance for each trip. Worth checking at least.