This is one of the handiest money saving tools in your arsenal and I can’t state that enough. Most museums, parks, exhibitions, restaurants, transport networks and everything else will give you a deep discount, sometimes up to 50% if you present your card. Even when it comes to local events and club nights you can save some extra change so you’d be mad to leave home without it.

1 – However if you have left without it or you’re simply not a student anymore, fear not. Many places like Bangkok and Mexico can mock you up a quick one. Just like the real thing. “Same Same Mister”, not that I endorse fraud, but it’s an option and I’m making you aware of that option.

2 – No harm in asking for the student discount anyway. Even if you don’t have a card, you can say you left it at home. Some will be nice enough to give it to you anyway.

3 – Sometimes a card is not enough. Places like China will ask you to present your Passport too as they have an age limit that the student discount applies to. Not very much fun for mature students but that’s their rules. Just remember to bring your passport with you if you feel it’s worth the risk having it on you.

4 – Take a photo of it in case you lose it, you never know what can happen and if you find yourself without your cards/wallet, you’ll be glad to save some money